Side Tables

Our unique line of side tables kicks in to add a bit of style and functionality to your environment, whether you are after living room furniture to complement the décor or you need a bit of extra storage in the bedroom. Our side tables are compact and suitable in any place with stylish storage. They work well on the side of a sofa or perhaps by a recliner armchair.

Since they are light, they are also portable and can be moved for a fresh appearance now and then. We offer side tables in a few different colours in style and design. The side table could be that colourful spot in a contemporary black-and-white environment, but it can also match a theme and blend into the décor. Let your creativity run wild, and dare to use a contrasting style if you feel like it.

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Some are made for contemporary purposes, while others resemble a traditional style, suitable for vintage or classic interiors. We tried to bring in a bit of every style out there, no matter what you are after, just to ensure you can find something suitable. Materials and durability will always be there for you. Whether you opt for the high density of oak or the lightweight profile of MDF, our tables will stand the test of time with little to no maintenance. Each is finished and ready to be assembled in an excellent DIY project.