Extending Tables

Explore our range of extending tables in all styles, heights, and finishes to suit the need of your home. From the sleek and simple to the quirky and bold, you will be spoilt for choice. All of our extending dining tables are designed to create a relaxed dining atmosphere for family and friends, whilst offering flexibility for when you have extra guests. The extendable top offers an additional surface area when needed and easily folds back when not in use.

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No matter how small or big your home is, space will always be an issue. Small places must be well-optimized to ensure a nice flow in terms of furniture. On the other hand, prominent places require the correct type of furniture to feel welcoming rather than empty and cold. We know our customers’ different necessities, so our exclusive line or extending tables aims to make a difference.

Any design you can think of, durable materials and styles that can turn your table into the focal point, this is what you can expect from our range. Extending tables is self-explanatory. They are most commonly appreciated for their practical profile. They are decently sized and compact, but they can expand and accommodate eight or more people if you have guests. However, people often have to compromise and choose practicality over style. We strongly disagree with that, so our dining room furniture is also about style and elegance.

Each of our extending tables can complement a fancy dining room set, a set of ultra-modern dining room chairs or even a traditional vintage dining bench. From traditional oak with beautiful veneering to contemporary gloss black and white designs, from square to round styles, we provide access to a series of attractive tables that give you both style and practicality. Everything in our range is built to last. We rely on high-quality hardwoods, durable metallic components and toughened glass, regardless of the table you pick.