Home Office Desks

Whether you are planning to redecorate your office, give your child a new desk for homework or simply turn a spare bedroom into your home office, our exclusive range of desks is likely to be the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture setup.

Showing 1–30 of 38 results

Showing 1–30 of 38 results

We have a vast range of home office desks available in different styles and designs – there’s something to suit every space, taste, and budget. Choose from a variety of traditional desks, contemporary desks, and corner desks, as well as matching storage options including filing cabinets, bookcases, and cupboards.

Whether you work at home and need a desk that provides a large workspace, or you work in an office and are looking to upgrade your current setup, Staples has a wide variety of desks for all types of applications. From small computer desks to large executive office furniture, you’ll find the suitable desk for all your home or business needs.

If you’re looking for a more traditional desk style for your home office, opt for one constructed from solid hardwood. Made from natural materials that are designed to last, these desks can be stained or painted to match the current colour scheme in your home. Most have a finished back panel so they can be placed anywhere in the room without being attached to a wall.

Regarding office furniture, our desks are the unsung heroes of the workplace. We spend an inordinate amount of time sitting at them, so they need to be comfortable and well-made but not so big or clunky that they take up too much floor space.

At Office Reality, we have a range of office desks to suit all requirements. We have executive desks for those looking for a more professional, stylish piece of furniture, as well as more affordable options for those on a budget.

If you’re looking to maximize space in an already small office area, then consider our bench desks. They are designed to be fitted together quickly and efficiently so are ideal if you have a tight deadline to meet.

When choosing an office desk it is vital that it can accommodate all your computer equipment, paperwork, and other items you use daily. Our range of storage solutions such as pedestals, filing cabinets, and cabinet pedestal combos will enable you to keep everything neat and tidy.

We also stock various materials to suit any style or budget. Whether you want a glass desk or something more traditional such as wood or veneer, our selection of shapes and sizes will mean you can find the perfect office desk at Office Reality.

We also offer corner desk options if there is limited space in your office or if you would like to separate yourself from other workers. These can be used independently or as part of a larger workstation. We also stock combination desks which are made up of different elements that can be put together to create exactly the right working environment for any business.