TV Beds

Luxurious, comfortable, and smart, TV beds are the ultimate piece of furniture for your bedroom. The TV beds in this range come equipped with a built-in frame to fit any size TV so that you can get cozy and catch up on your favorite shows while in pure comfort.

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Kick back and relax with a movie on one of our sumptuous TV beds. Fully upholstered in soft faux leather, each frame is designed with adjustable cushioned headboards and spacious storage to keep your bedroom hideaway organized. Each TV bed features a flip-out bracket at the foot end, so you can place your large flat screen television within easy viewing reach. Let the cozy design of our TV beds add a dash of comfort to your family home.

If you love sitting up in bed watching the TV, a TV Bed could be the perfect solution. With some of our beds, you can raise and turn your TV towards you from inside a hidden compartment at the end of the bed.

We have a large range of TV Beds to choose from, these are beds with a built-in retractable TV or storage compartment. The TV beds are available in King size and Super King size. You can also upgrade your Mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience.

You spend a lot of time in bed, so why not make it comfy? Our stylish range of TV beds will let you watch TV in the perfect position while keeping your remote and other devices close to your hand. Choose a soft leather or fabric option for ultimate comfort.

We know that some days you just want to curl up in bed and watch a film. With one of our TV beds, you can! We’ve designed an innovative range of beds so you can relax in comfort on the sofa, with the option to open up a hidden compartment at the foot of your bed to watch a film or play games.

From traditional designs to ultra-modern pieces, we have a huge range of TV beds that provide all the comfort and support you need, in one stylish package complete with an integrated television set.

For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, explore our range of TV Beds. Keep an eye on your favorite shows without straining up to a screen, or having to disentangle the wires and cables. Or simply just indulge in some lazy TV watching in style – all you need is the popcorn.