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5 Tips When Decorating a Small Room

Decorating a small room can be pretty fun and helpful in creating a cosy space to spend time with family and friends. Let’s see what could be done by following these 5 simple room decor tips for a small living room or bedroom.

Make use of mirrors 

Mirrors are among the most versatile decorating tools, lending beauty and function to your home. They can visually expand a small space or add sparkle and light to any space with the proper placement.

If you have a small room that needs some focal point, consider hanging a large mirror over your mantel or sofa. The reflection will create the illusion of depth and give a much larger room.

If you are looking for ways to brighten up your living room, use mirrors in place of paintings or photos on one wall. The room will be instantly transformed with light bouncing from the mirror throughout the room.

Use rugs to make a room look bigger

One of the most common misconceptions about decorating a room is that a rug will make it look small. The truth, however, is quite the opposite: A rug can make your space look bigger. The trick, however, is knowing how to use one properly:

  •  Choose a light colour. If you don’t want your room to look smaller, don’t go with a dark area rug. Instead, choose something light and place it in the centre of the room or next to the walls.
  • Go with one continuous piece. Having multiple rugs can make the room seem smaller than if you just had one big rug instead. Try placing one large rug in your living room or bedroom and see how much more open it looks after removing the smaller ones.
  •  Rugs are meant to be used under furniture so that people aren’t walking on bare flooring all day long. Use them underneath furniture. If you want your room to appear more extensive than it is, then consider putting some rugs under your furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and dining chairs.

Multipurpose and folding furniture 

When you’re short on space, use every inch of space for storage. Look for a side table with drawers or shelves and an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table and storage box.

Shelves don’t have to be free-standing. Wall-mounted shelves are another great space-saving solution. If you’ve got some awkward nooks and crannies in your home, opt for wall-mounted shelves to create practical storage without taking up any floor space. 

Folding chairs and tables are great if you’ve got many guests around but don’t want dining furniture taking over your entire living room all year round.

Look for areas to add height

By adding height to the room, you expand the room’s boundaries, making it appear larger than it is. One of the fastest ways to add height is a tall bookcase. This adds texture and depth to a room. Another way to create more height in a room is by using floor-to-ceiling curtains. Again, this adds texture and depth while making the room appear larger.

When adding furniture, look for pieces that are taller rather than shorter. Taller furniture makes a room seem more significant because your eye travels up, not horizontally across, like shorter furniture.

Tall vases and plants also add height to a room. Instead of placing large plants on the floor, place them on tables or shelves where they will be more visible and take up less floor space at the same time.

To summarise 

Ultimately, one of the most important things to consider when decorating a small room is to keep it cohesive. A room with multiple textures, patterns and colours will not look cohesive – instead, it will seem cramped and chaotic. By sticking to one or two primary colours for your walls and keeping the decorations low-key, you can create a small room that feels cosy and inviting.

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